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Convince of a Plan to Build a Different Future

Queen Shree Queen Group is into chain of luxury hotels and Bar, Spa and Resort as well as in Gas Station. Shree Queen Group incorporated in the year 2019 by Mr. Pinaki Mazumder, Mr. Asit Baran Mazumder and Mrs. Tanima Banerjee Mazumder.


Shree Queen Group is strongly believing that it has a major role to play in shaping the destiny for the betterment for all. Group enjoys the built a strong faith and gain a good confidence from his customers and is one of the most trusted employees with a young, highly trained and motivated workforce.


Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all segments of Hospitality, Leisure and Business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful hotel companies, Shree Queen collaborates with clients to help them conceptualize, develop and operate high-performance businesses.




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Mr. Pinaki Majumder

Late Mr. Asit Baran Majumder

Mrs. Tanima Majumder

Mrs. Sujata Majumder